About Us

At Adirondack MountainMen, we pride ourselves on a few crititical aspects of the club
experience. We strive to provide our players with the best coaches in Saratoga County and the
north country; currently MountainMen have a coaching staff that has a range of experience
that goes from NCAA divison 1, 2, 3 and JUCO as well as varsity high school coaches. On top of
that we have a number of area players who are currently playing NCAA Dvision 1, 2 and 3
lacrosse to provide our current MountainMen with a layer of perspective htat a young guy can
really only get from other young guys who have recently gone through the process

Beyond that, we intend on providing more practice sessions, small group training and position
specific clinics than any other club in the North East. We believe that players improve by
playing, and we intend on making sure that our guys have access to facilities, coaches and
events all year around.

At MountainMen, we celebrate the multi-sport athlete. We schedule our fall and winter
practices in a way that is best able to accommodate multi-sport athletes. Conflicts will
inevitably arise and we mean it when we say that whatever sport is in season is your top
priority and we support each athletes decision to participate in different sports throughout the